1. im in a cool halloween zine with some cool people soon. here are my spooky pumpkins. 

  2. Art School peeps, ya Feel me? sorry for the boring as heck pose, its late.

  3. The Beach cops are coming. Better cheese it.

  4. sunday october 5th. i sat down to work on thesis but listened to Dance Yrself clean a lot instead. 



    the rest of my life here on out is devoted to making people smile and laugh because thats the best feeling in the whole dang world. 

    just go make someone smile and see how much better it makes you feel. you BOTH feel good and it’s a win win. go tell someone that they got a rad haircut! but what if they DIDNT get a haircut, Mike? what do i do then? you tell them that they have a bitchin sweater. thats what. or LITERALLY anything. i mean dont LIE to the person. but a small complimant goes a long way. everybody gets sad, i know, i do too. But its OK because theres some things you cant control in life and that sucks, but you know what you CAN control? you can totally tell someone you care about that they look rad today. or that they made a sick as heck drawing, or that they smell good. i dunno, you dont gotta be creepy but compliments are WEIRD sometimes. look what im trying to say is that we should all be cool to eachother, and that being sincerely nice to people is the easiest way to make yourself feel better about dumb things. dont half ass it and dont lie. Mean what you say and say what you mean and maybe we can all make the world dope as heck one smile at a time.  

  6. and the tom hanks film cast away.

  7. i have soup though so thats cool.

  8. cool i got sick. cool fun wowie.

  9. need a halloween costume? look no further.

  10. late night doodlez