1. Date night. Starting Tina fey and a snake.

  2. Crazy Stupid Love. Starring: A Snake.


  3. Hey guys! since we’re all busy with finals this weeks update is a site I’m sure we’re all pretty used to by now.

  4. This is where i work at SVA’s animation Studio. 

    this is a WIP of a cool thing. 


  5. pattenpending:

    Draw yourself doing the models pose.

  6. pattenpending:

    Having a good drawing day even though the feet got cropped :/

  7. this is me Kneeing my good friend johnnyoctopusart in the heart. 

  8. i really like #Animalsweatersunday on twitter you guys.

    heres a cozy Nautilus. 

  9. im in a bad mood, heres a bad Gif.


  10. Anonymous asked: Hi!! I really want to post some cartoons on tumblr. What do you usually use to do so?? thanks c:

    Cool! you totally should! 

    If it’s just a traditional sketchbook page comic, ill just either scan the picture and upload it as a picture, or honestly just take a picture of it and do the same ha.

    if its digital theres a bit more, i work alot in photoshop, so when i save my file, i’ll save it for web and devices, make it into a reasonable size, and then upload it the same way.

    If it’s a gif, ill usually edit them in photoshop and do the same thing, save for web and devices, but this time change the settings to Gif and then upload as a photo. its pretty simple stuff, and i hope that made sense. if you want anymore info on how i actually work, you can email me! my email is on my main page.

    good luck! Happy Posting!