1. thanks for playing tonight folks. 


  2. "What we do in life, echoes in eternity."


  3. if disney doesnt put riff raff in the new frozen im gonna blow my top.

  4. Hey, it’s me, Olaf! wanna wrestle?

  5. A wrong number texted me today. 

    they told me that the dog picture did help them, so thats good. 

    *My friend jesse told me that Dylan was a member of the local skate community. though he didnt know him personally he said he knew of him and that he was a good dude. its a bummer to hear. rest easy, Dylan. 

  6. Frozen was alright i guess.

    The King is Dead. Long Live the King!

  7. Can’t sleep. Got alot on my mind.

    sorry Tumblr.com, but it just doesn’t look good to me. 

    But hey, i’ve been wrong in the past!


  8. indigoliz said: Are you excited for The Book of Life?

    it looks beautiful! So yeah, i would like to see some more of it.

  9. some doodles b4 bed. 


  10. HEY everyone! over the summer i had the Rad oppurtunity to Codirect and Storyboard on this lesson for TEDed with my good friends mimsykins  fingerloaf snottle and frieswithmysnake under the team the-think-blot. Sam Lee, Claire Van Ryzin, Chris Anne Lindo and Rena Parisi, for those that dont know there Tumblr URLs. I got to work as a CoDirector and  CoStoryboard artist!

    well i hope you enjoy and share with your pals..