1. toonyart:

    Friend birthdays are the best birthdays…especially when they’re on the same day!


    Alex is such a rad pal and gave me the best birthday present.

  2. Don’t feed the seagulls.

    trust me.

    thesis drawings.

  3. doodlin’ around. ive been in a bit of an art slump this month, but hey, i grew a beard so i guess i have that going. 

  4. the-think-blot:

    Co-directors sharing a precious moment with Monday Morning Syndrome.

    Mondays, Am i right?!

  5. hi, today is one of those days where i have no idea what im doing.

    Dont even talk to me until ive had my morning coffee…

  6. heres the link playing a seagull as a solo image.

  7. im doing thesis research on seagulls. and today while breaking them down to draw them better i noticed this. turns out Seagulls are just ocarinas with wings.

  8. Is the fastball special against the rules of volley ball snottle?

  9. quick doodle before bed. long day. way to go. 

  10. Breaking News: It’s official! The Undertaker has been announced as a playable character for Super Smash Brothers on the Wii u and 3ds.